[film] SALT: a simple review

Today I went to the cinema for the third Tuesday in a row primarily because of the cheap Tuesday ticket pricing ($5.99). Regular prices here in Canada are preposterous. It’s $10.99 for regular nights. And that’s not in 3D. Just add an additional three of my hard-earned dollars on top of that. I hate 3D, so that’s why whenever I see any movie trailer that is suffixed by “…in 3D” at the end, I throw furious faux-kung fu fists in the air.

While some women become cougars in their 40s, some adopt a moniker after a table-condiment and triple-cross major nations rivaling each other with a gun.

Anyway, Salt was fun.

No spoilers abound here.

There was little calm in the movie. Once the action started, that was it, you either followed it or got left behind. Watching Angelina exert herself in the chases while managing to remaining calm AND thinking 2 steps ahead of her predators was astounding. I did have a bit of problem trying to follow the plot because there was so much twisting involving Russia, parents, car crashes, and Lee Harvey Oswald. Lost looked like a straight-edge ruler in one corner compared to this. But in the end, I got it. Thankfully.

But here’s what I took from the movie:

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Living healthy?

So I was on Yahoo today and I came across The Top 10 Things To Do In February, and I laughed at the end ,because of number 10.

Before you click on it I will guide you through a bit of it:

Thing 1: Go for a lunchtime walk
If it’s -20 outside, I’ll pass.

Thing 2: Have a nap
I probably don’t do this enough. I have heard testimonies of power-napping. But Katie says “Naps are for old people. You can sleep when you’re dead.” Harsh words. Harsh words.

Thing 3: Snack on chocolate
I’ve been doing this thing since I got back to Canada. Snickers Bars and Crunchies usually brighten my day, before I have a sugar crash.

Thing 4: Pump some iron
I’ll try to do this more this month, but I’ll have to find time because I’ve got 3 poster jobs to do and a DJ gig. But pumping iron is generally a great idea to feel great. I think I use exercise, or iron pumping, as a way to vent anger.

Thing 5: Buy yourself a pick-me-up
I don’t really understand what a pick-me-up is.

Thing 6: Eat more fruit
Man if there were more strawberries around I’d be a little bit more happier.

Thing 7: Get a massage
A massage? The last time I tried to get one I freaked out spasming because I was so ticklish.

Thing 8: Wash your hands
Wow. This is the BEST thing to do for February. Wash your hands. Never thought of this before!

Thing 9: Cut back on salt
Awww. Cutting back on salt? That’s pretty hard to do, because the fries at McDonalds are loaded with fries and I’m quite sure McD have loaded some sort of addicting drug onto their fries because they taste SO good.

Thing 10: Take care of your breasts