[film] SALT: a simple review

Today I went to the cinema for the third Tuesday in a row primarily because of the cheap Tuesday ticket pricing ($5.99). Regular prices here in Canada are preposterous. It’s $10.99 for regular nights. And that’s not in 3D. Just add an additional three of my hard-earned dollars on top of that. I hate 3D, so that’s why whenever I see any movie trailer that is suffixed by “…in 3D” at the end, I throw furious faux-kung fu fists in the air.

While some women become cougars in their 40s, some adopt a moniker after a table-condiment and triple-cross major nations rivaling each other with a gun.

Anyway, Salt was fun.

No spoilers abound here.

There was little calm in the movie. Once the action started, that was it, you either followed it or got left behind. Watching Angelina exert herself in the chases while managing to remaining calm AND thinking 2 steps ahead of her predators was astounding. I did have a bit of problem trying to follow the plot because there was so much twisting involving Russia, parents, car crashes, and Lee Harvey Oswald. Lost looked like a straight-edge ruler in one corner compared to this. But in the end, I got it. Thankfully.

But here’s what I took from the movie:

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filipinos eat this. i am a filipino.


Ok so I found this on the Internet, accompanied by a play-by-play review of the Americans who ate this thing. I applaud their bravery. I however think they cooked the duck eggs at the wrong time though. I don’t think you usually eat the egg this far into it’s growth stage. Yes, you eat it.

Do you know what you’re staring at? Balut (not safe if you’re squeamish, but if you’ve already read up to here then I applaud your bravery). Filipinos love this. Most of them.

I haven’t had it in ages. I actually went to back to the Philippines in July this year for 2 weeks. BUT I FORGOT TO GET IT. And now that I’ll be in Canada until next June or July, I doubt I’ll be getting any soon. Balut that is.

I know the thought of eating it is disgusting, but it does taste like 25 eggs packed into one. And since it’s high in cholesterol, eating 5-6 at a time is not advisable. My uncle told me that when he was younger he would eat 5-6 at a time and then sometimes pass out.

If you know how to hook me up with it, lemme’ know.

Some updates:

  • I’m planning to start a small poster-making business with my classmate/friend Jei (also a balut-eater, last time I checked). I was thinking of calling the company ‘J & Jei‘. Sounds pretty catchy.
  • Also, I’m hoping to return to the radio waves next year on UNBSJ (my old campus) and UNBF (my current campus) radio with a weekly show that’ll be podcasted on a sister blog linked to here. I’m wondering what to call the new radio show.
    • Electric Picnic (kinda a play on the old show; Eclectic Electric. Amilyn doesn’t really like it. Not that I’m seeking her approval or anything. Actually I am. ALL THE TIME. Haha),
    • Making Moves (sounds like I’m a womanizer),
    • Dualism
  • In the winter break of December I’m probably going to be working full time for 2 weeks, and I’ll be away to Saint John to spend time with extended family and my ‘cousins’ Phil and Odin. Haha.
  • I want to buy a new camera!

OK gotta get back to my 7-hour study mode. Cheers!!!

“maybe she’ll send you her lace hanky with a spritz of her perfume”

HAHA. Nikki you’re too funny, much too funny…

But after talking to you I realized one thing: I don’t blog personal. Ok so if you look at the last post with me talking about missing my Mom and Dad… that’s all you’re getting out of me.

The reason I don’t blog personal is because I don’t talk personal either. Sure I like feelings. Sure I’ll cry at a friend’s funeral. But I like/want YOUR feelings. I don’t want to share mine with you. Feelings. Hate that word. Ok maybe ‘hate’ is abrasive. Feelings. Come to think of it I do share my feelings with you. But just ‘tip-of-the-iceberg’ feelings. I realize that this may offend people I’ve met, am meeting now, and am going to meet.

Sor. E.

Joshua’s Mid-October Update

  1. I sent over 1000 texts (because I have unlimited texting) and one letter in the last month.
  2. I met 4 Filipinos in Fredericton. Jei, Melisa, Jerome, And Earl. And yet again I am the youngest among them.
  3. WTH it’s already October.
  4. I recently went swimming with Fadia and I’m completely out of shape. I didn’t gain a tubby belly. But I did lose stamina. So I propose a 3-times-a-week swimming routine. Now I have to invest in proper swimming shorts, which means spending, from my shallow pocket.
  5. There are over 35,000+ airmiles in my Aeroplan account. With that I can fly from HongKong to Singapore. Return. Worth it? Well I’ll blog about it in a few days.
  6. I brought back Milo with me to Canada, fyi.
  7. Elections in the US are coming up. And who do I care about? Obama.
  8. Number of years I’ve spent in Canada: 2 and a near half.
    Number of years till I move to HongKong/New York/Singapore/England/Philippines/Miami for further education/marriage: 5-7.

    This is a big personal joke though. But people say that even if you joke, you mean it. I really mean this. As a joke.

Ain’t A Bummer In My Summer

So far, I’ve been back in Brunei for more than a month now from Canada and her chilling cold. But I am missing her (Canada) at her best when she is warm and in her prime. I have yet to experience her most awesome season, the summer time.

I picked up a job quite quickly with a local tutoring center doing graphic design for their website (Sample coming soon).

Just a couple of days ago I got hooked up with a very nice lady to design a logo, menu and several posters for a restaurant under new management (it’s a place in Batu Bersurat). I really enjoy freelance work. I intend to run a little business when I head back to UNBF and design posters for student societies.

I haven’t found a place to do some light DJing. There’s this place I’ve heard playing minimal and tech house but a lot of kids I know *cough*this person primarily*cough* don’t like the place. I was there myself a couple of nights ago and it did look a little off-putting. Hookahs everywhere. I’d give the place a chance for their food, atmosphere and music. But I guess I don’t really like smoke. I heard they have DJs spinning there and I would like to have a go at it and see how I fare, just for fun.

I’ve been trying to get Monkey Owner (Nikki) to get me some simple gigs at the brilliant Empire Hotel, but she says “Promote yourself first”. I really should. I think I’ll have a page on this blog describing my musical… umm… abilities?

Actually I’ll put some words out now!

DJ Joshi*Toshi

Plays a wide variety of electronic music (hiphop, trance, funky house, deep house, downtempo funk), but enjoys everything with a melody.

Previously held weekly radio shows in UNB mixing electronic dance music. Playlist found here!

Performed for student organized parties. Biggest show played so far: 300-400 people.

Actually I was thinking the other day that I should adopt another name for my DJing. Joshi*Toshi sounds a little like salad. Or expiry. Maybe you readers can leave a comment and gimme’ some ideas.

I was talking to my cousin Reggie the other day and we were talking about the house music scene:

Reggie: Man, house music is big here in Toronto.
Me: I wish it were the same way here in SJ.
Reggie: Back there it’s still called techno.
Me: Yea. Techno and friggin’ “Sandstorm”.

Really. “Sandstorm” by Darude is one of the MOST overplayed techno tunes here in SJ. I feel that it’s almost like the poster-child for what electronica represents here in SJ; 138bpm, strings and a synth. If you haven’t heard of it, just YouTube it and you will be either appalled or amazed. Either way.

I have to exit to KK in Malaysia this Saturday and I will be visiting the person who I previously blogged about in utmost drama. The person’s identity will be revealed, although some of you already know. I just enjoy being dramatic.