[tv] An Office without Michael

Skip this if you aren’t a fan of The Office. This post is about Michael Scott, and about his departure after the 7th season of The Office.

Thanks for the memories, Michael Scott. They really were so great.

As much as I will miss seeing his management antics and dating faux pas unfold on weekly TV (or eight episodes a day through the Internet, shh), he’s already had so many memorable moments in seasons past that to try and outdo himself would seem very – how do I put this – ‘try-hardy’ (Sarah Palin will make this a word).

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i can’t bother to wax poetic or do a narrative for this post so i’m just going to do point form.

  1. Started my part time job at the Corner Post last month. What do I do? I handle mail.
    Co-workers: Earl & Heather (she’s almost crazy).
  2. Snowed several inches last Saturday. I was NOT happy about it. I had to walk this afternoon in clunky boots.
  3. Found a substitute for Mi-Goreng. I am VERY happy about it.
  4. Started wearing my black fedora outside 2 years after I bought it in Toronto. Pictures sometime.
  5. I sent 1495 text messages last month. Due to certain complications that number will fall dramatically this month. WHY, JEIKY?!!?! Lol.
  6. Somehow re-connecting with an ex the fourth time is pretty cool. I’m still single and ready to mingle (sort of).
  7. My friend Marian looks like a cat!!
  8. I have 35,000 Aeroplan miles which I can either use to redeem flights or merchandise. Possibly a flight to Miami in March for WMC?
  9. One of my aunts was recently re-admitted into the hospital. I am currently depressed about it.
  10. Christmas is coming. I’m beginning to hate this season. I miss ma fam, dawg. I am currently depressed about it.
  11. Sometimes I think Xiaxue is funny. Sometimes I want to hug her. Then punch her in the hair. She is pretty hot, I’ll admit. But way out of my league. And control.
  12. There is a plentiful supply of coffee in my apartment, because Eric‘s sister has some sort of ‘unlimited access’ to coffee grounds from working with a coffee store.
  13. Lost Season 5 starts in January. My Facebook profile says that “i jump up and down everytime this show goes for commercial”. I jumped up and down when I saw the trailer.
  14. Sometimes when I go through my music and I hear something fantastic, I tend to move in my seat and bob my head uncontrollably.
  15. When I play for a crowd and there’s plenty of energy, I leave the booth to dance with the crowd for half a minute or so.
  16. I hope to get called to play at Last Class Bash at UNBSJ next week! *crosses fingers*crosses fingers*
  17. Upon telling my sick aunt at the hospital that I wanted to get married soon, she said “That’s good.” She’s so badass.
  18. I’ve been trying to convince my friend Melisa to get a phone; and somehow I got myself into saying I’d be buying her a mouse for Christmas. Computer mouse lol.
  19. I’ve been sort of browsing eBay for a new Nokia.

Putting Sarah Palin on my blog…

… will increase viewership.

This is an experiment.

Is she the lipstick?

Anyway she bears this uncanny resemblance to Tina Fey. Or Tina Fey bears that uncanny resemblance to Sarah Palin.

Have you seen the Sarah Palin parody on SNL yet? Cause it is hilarious.

I know close to nothing about American’s current politics…but I know I’m quite angry about the VP Debate held recently, because it took over air-time that The Office was supposed to have!!!