My Ten Backfire-able New Year’s Resolutions (2011 Edition)

A quick look at the things that I should be doing for 2011.
  1. No more McDonald’s.
  2. Facebook only TWICE a day.
  3. Daily breakfast in the morning.
  4. Daily shower in the morning.
  5. Sleeping before 1AM.
  6. Waking up before 8AM.
  7. Less procrastination.
  8. Less outrageous purchases at Chapters/thrift shops.
  9. Save money for that Macbook you’ve always wanted.
  10. Say “No” to unnecessary hangouts.

[music] Susan Boyle was a raver

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Sub-category: Epic crossover

We all know Susan Boyle. She may have never been kissed, but she has definitely raved. Turn on the lazors, please.

The trance song responsible for making me replay this video over and over is called ‘Binary Finary – 1998’.

Favorite parts of the video include:
0:47 – when Simon Cowell is suddenly impressed
1:04-1:07 – Boylenary calisthenics
1:09-1:11 – “omg i luv u”
1:40 – some sort of troll laughing in the background?

An nyoung.

There was a pretty girl in front of me, and then I choked on my food [or how I should never try and ‘act cool’ in front of girls]

Let me set up the blueprint for the scenario. Several days ago I was at Fredericton’s latest restaurant offering downtown; Midsea Restaurant. They serve EXCELLENT Lebanese food. You’ll know that it’s excellent too because I used all caps. Would a brother from a browner mother lie to you?

Anyway. There I was at the restaurant. I ordered a chicken shawarma meal. Aside from the chicken, it came with rice, vegetables, some pita bread and best of all; sour garlic cream. And there I was enjoying my meal, eating respectable bites and not like Cookie Monster who om-nom-noms.

Om nom noming, Web 2.0 style.

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There’s an app for that [phrase of the year, 2009]

I’m sitting here right now on a cloudy afternoon in the library while listening to some well done luvstep (example 1, example 2). I had a possibly illegal amount of Korean food this afternoon at Fredericton’s only Korean place.

Anyway, onto the topic of the blog! The previous winner of the Phrase of The Year award is ‘that’s what she said’ [winner from 2006-2008] and while that phrase can tick off a few people with the sexual reference, the 2009 winner will certainly make all your friends laugh, geek friends applaud you, and chicks add you on Facebook, because it isn’t offensive at all!

Where it comes from:

All those iPhone/iPod Touch ads that you see on television or see on Youtube.

How to make use of the phrase:
Step 1:
Friend presents problem
Step 2:
Say the phrase

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i can’t bother to wax poetic or do a narrative for this post so i’m just going to do point form.

  1. Started my part time job at the Corner Post last month. What do I do? I handle mail.
    Co-workers: Earl & Heather (she’s almost crazy).
  2. Snowed several inches last Saturday. I was NOT happy about it. I had to walk this afternoon in clunky boots.
  3. Found a substitute for Mi-Goreng. I am VERY happy about it.
  4. Started wearing my black fedora outside 2 years after I bought it in Toronto. Pictures sometime.
  5. I sent 1495 text messages last month. Due to certain complications that number will fall dramatically this month. WHY, JEIKY?!!?! Lol.
  6. Somehow re-connecting with an ex the fourth time is pretty cool. I’m still single and ready to mingle (sort of).
  7. My friend Marian looks like a cat!!
  8. I have 35,000 Aeroplan miles which I can either use to redeem flights or merchandise. Possibly a flight to Miami in March for WMC?
  9. One of my aunts was recently re-admitted into the hospital. I am currently depressed about it.
  10. Christmas is coming. I’m beginning to hate this season. I miss ma fam, dawg. I am currently depressed about it.
  11. Sometimes I think Xiaxue is funny. Sometimes I want to hug her. Then punch her in the hair. She is pretty hot, I’ll admit. But way out of my league. And control.
  12. There is a plentiful supply of coffee in my apartment, because Eric‘s sister has some sort of ‘unlimited access’ to coffee grounds from working with a coffee store.
  13. Lost Season 5 starts in January. My Facebook profile says that “i jump up and down everytime this show goes for commercial”. I jumped up and down when I saw the trailer.
  14. Sometimes when I go through my music and I hear something fantastic, I tend to move in my seat and bob my head uncontrollably.
  15. When I play for a crowd and there’s plenty of energy, I leave the booth to dance with the crowd for half a minute or so.
  16. I hope to get called to play at Last Class Bash at UNBSJ next week! *crosses fingers*crosses fingers*
  17. Upon telling my sick aunt at the hospital that I wanted to get married soon, she said “That’s good.” She’s so badass.
  18. I’ve been trying to convince my friend Melisa to get a phone; and somehow I got myself into saying I’d be buying her a mouse for Christmas. Computer mouse lol.
  19. I’ve been sort of browsing eBay for a new Nokia.

i made my costume in 3 minutes.

around 1pm on halloween day, i was sitting in the library wrecking my brain with my Media Culture assignment and I hadn’t had the time all week to make my possible costume ideas, let alone think about them cause i had a lot of things to do throughout this week!!!

so around 2pm it just popped in my head that i should just go as a gangster. but i didn’t have any of the regular gangster gear…so i called my friend Asmar up and at the halloween gig this is what i looked like…

more pictures to come….hopefully!