My 2010 Year In Film

ATE LAST YEAR I told myself to keep track of the movies I watched in 2010 and. Let me tell you that tracking your film-watching activity is  far simpler than tracking your finances or eating habits. Anyway this is what I did; I created a dedicated page for the list (here) and updated it every time I watched a movie. I think what made the task very simple is that I’m really enjoy watching films.

The film industry and entire process of producing a film fascinates me. Some people say that because you pay attention to too much of the movie, you get less out of the experience because you aren’t suspending your belief as much, but I’d like to think otherwise. Knowing technical aspects (lighting, framing, color correction, effects, sound recording) as well as the acting side of things (character development, writing) intrigues me greatly and I can hardly begin to fathom how challenging it must be to make any feature-length movie on any scale.

I’ll say it now that it is a personal dream of mine to participate in the movie-making industry. Perhaps it’s a good idea to move to Vancouver.

You can crunch numerical data and figure out how much you might’ve spent, or calculate the total time you’ve spent (or wasted, depending on how you’re looking at the glass) watching films. Aside from the numbers you can look at other kinds of information like trends in the choices of genre of film.

A movie where nothing really happens?

Or a movie where too much happens in three seconds?

Consider this list-taking to be a sort of a diary, only with movies in the spotlight. I can distinctly remember the circumstances when I watched most of these films.

If you just like watching movies for the sake of watching movies, you can just keep a list to show off to your friends that you saw 20 action flicks, 15 rom-coms, 10 dramas, 2 Oscar-nominated films, 5 Brendan Fraser excuses-for-films and the such.

Anyway without much further rambling… let’s dive into the details!

So here are some of the details (some more trivial than others):

  • Number of movies watched: 97
  • Number of movies watched at the theatre: 26
  • Dollars spent at the theater: ~$200 (I rarely buy ‘popcorn’)
  • Movies seen at theaters more than once: 3 (Inception, Toy Story 3, The Social Network)
  • Movies that were screenings for university classes: 18
  • Korean films: 3
  • Japanese films: 1
  • Filipino films: 0
  • Actor who I saw most: Bill Murray (Groundhog Day, Lost In Translation)

And while I narrowly missed the 100 mark, if I had the opportunity to watch three current movies, it would be:

  1. Somewhere
  2. Black Swan
  3. Tron

Missed Opportunities:

  1. Piranha 3D
  2. Scott Pilgrim vs The World
  3. The Expendables (yeah, I did want to watch this)
  4. The Human Centipede (yeah, not sure why I wanted to watch this)
  5. Paranormal Activity 2

Best Moments:

  1. Sneaking in to see Machete
  2. Watching The Room for the first time

    Good ol' Tommy Wiseau

  3. Getting free advance-screening tickets for Kick-Ass
  4. Taking home the poster for I Am Love, and now I wake up to Tilda Swinton’s vacant stare everyday
  5. 127 Hours AND Rabbit Hole on the same day (see: December 29)

Worst Moments:

  1. Having to go through mild motion-sickness again for Avatar
  2. All movies in November were for a class
  3. Watching Feed while eating Kraft Dinner

I enjoyed all the movies I watched this year and am looking to viewing a similar total of films for 2011.

An nyoung.


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