[tv] An Office without Michael

Skip this if you aren’t a fan of The Office. This post is about Michael Scott, and about his departure after the 7th season of The Office.

Thanks for the memories, Michael Scott. They really were so great.

As much as I will miss seeing his management antics and dating faux pas unfold on weekly TV (or eight episodes a day through the Internet, shh), he’s already had so many memorable moments in seasons past that to try and outdo himself would seem very – how do I put this – ‘try-hardy’ (Sarah Palin will make this a word).

The decision that Steve Carrell and his Michael Scott character leave ‘The Office‘ receives nothing but my approval. I believe that the rest of the veteran cast Jim, Pam, Dwight, Andy and the others, and even cutiepie Erin can carry the show on. The writers will have to work their asses off extra hard to make sure that the 8th season won’t suck like Scrubs did after Zach Braff and the others left.

In fact I would be completely comfortable for the series to wrap up as well. The ideas are feeling recycled (Dwight planning to take over the company, relationships blossoming/keeling over, etc.).It doesn’t have anymore momentum to keep me anticipating the next episode.

I feel like they should’ve ended the show after Jim/Pam’s wedding. That was the only thing most fans were waiting for. That event was a very emotionally heavy moment for all if not most followers of the show. Everyone was there, everyone danced, and everyone was happy. And Jim and Pam exchanged those ‘oh well’ faces at each other. Precious.

That’s how they should have ended it. That’s how all ensemble cast shows should end; everyone together in the final postcard picture (here’s looking to you, Lost).

But for fans of  The Office, this will remind you of the good (if not better) times of not only Michael Scott, but everyone else in the brilliant ensemble cast:

Spoiler alert: Erin and Andy get married in Season 8. Show ends after shortly after that and Subtle Sexuality stop performing. Kelly

An nyoung.


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