[music] Ke$ha and Katy Perry share the exact same song structure, dominate the charts anyway

File this under: MUSIC.
Sub-category: Pop music at it’s lowest.

Before heading diving into the post I’d like to thank Rob Cauchi for showing this to me.


Side A:

Ke$ha released her infectious (albeit wildly successful) trashiness upon the world many many months ago with her hit song ‘Tik Tok’. It’s a very simple song that’s well produced (produced, not sung). I’m truly amazed how quick this song embedded itself permanently into pop culture. It freakin’ made it into the opening sequence of The Simpsons.

Side B:

Katy Perry on the other hand recently released ‘California Gurls’, a so-called west-side summer anthem and response-song to Jay-Z’s ‘Empire State of Mind’. The video doesn’t relate to anything California at all, I find. And Katy Perry had to do the ‘shooting-stuff-from-her-boobs’ thing to try and solidify herself as the next Madonna (cone bra, 1980s), but we all know Lady Gaga already took that title this month (machine-gun bras, 2010).

Simple, yet so successful:
Tik Tok was wildly successful the first quarter of 2010 and I refuse to remember how many times girls came up to me at the DJ booth asking for Tik Tok. I’ll explain why I dislike Tik Tok some other time (from a purely musical standpoint).

California Gurls is already on it’s way to be that summer radio monster and disgusting earworm that you hate but end up singing in the shower.

If you listen to both these songs, you’ll notice that they’re somewhat similar. You’ll notice similar synths. Similar drum kicks. Similar breakdowns. Similar everything. But you wouldn’t believe how similar these two songs are.


Some genius (DJ Placeboing) on the Internet masterfully crafted a wicked mashup that has Tik Tok and California Gurls playing at the same time, but shifting between the songs to show you how similar they are in key and phrasing. Here’s the result:

Amazing isn’t it. They’re pretty much the same song! Play this in to your friends and you’ll have them amazed (for 10 seconds at least)!


I actually like the mashup. It works very well but it definitely does say something about the pop industry; formulaic. But then again, you need formulas to maintain or energize an industry. So to each his/her own. But if you want better music, go and look for it.

I wonder what would happen if I played this to an unsuspecting crowd at the club.

Don’t stop, hip hop, keep it up we’re unforgettable
Tonight, dee dukes, till we see the on top.

Grab an mp3 of the mashup here.

An nyoung.


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