Iron Man 2 prelude

Tonight I will be treating myself – with whatever is left in my bank account – to a screening of Iron Man 2. Hotly anticipated by the globe and initially applauded by the media and critics, I HOPE to not be disappointed, but at the same time I hope to find flaws.

I AM IRON MAN!!! *duuu duuu duududoo, dudududududu doo doo doo*

I have a strange, strange feeling for this film. I know I’m going to enjoy it. But I’m going to be keeping my eye on the screen to see if I can find anything to complain about and pick apart with my film geekiness, JUST SO I CAN BRING UP SOMETHING AT THE TABLE TO DEBATE ABOUT AND ARGUE.

I’m not an entirely huge fan of comic-to-film translations, but Iron Man has just about everything right.

Back with the review tonight.

An nyoung.


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