There was a pretty girl in front of me, and then I choked on my food [or how I should never try and ‘act cool’ in front of girls]

Let me set up the blueprint for the scenario. Several days ago I was at Fredericton’s latest restaurant offering downtown; Midsea Restaurant. They serve EXCELLENT Lebanese food. You’ll know that it’s excellent too because I used all caps. Would a brother from a browner mother lie to you?

Anyway. There I was at the restaurant. I ordered a chicken shawarma meal. Aside from the chicken, it came with rice, vegetables, some pita bread and best of all; sour garlic cream. And there I was enjoying my meal, eating respectable bites and not like Cookie Monster who om-nom-noms.

Om nom noming, Web 2.0 style.

And while chatting away with my buddies I noticed a girl sitting in front of me and we exchanged a couple of glances here and there. Nothing flirty or anything cause I was eating. The worst time to flirt with anyone is while they’re eating. PS. Don’t talk to me while I eat wings in a restaurant with my knife/fork. It gets awkward.

Then we continued exchanging glances and then suddenly the worst thing happened. A small tomato piece went down my windpipe. And we had just exchanged glances too.

Crap crap CRAP.

My bodily reflex was forcing me to cough up the mis-swallowed tomato piece, along with the food that I was chewing.

But then I thought…

“That’s a bad idea”, I thought to myself.

Projecting food from your mouth to your plate or into the air or onto your friend’s t-shirt while making violent coughing sounds and deep gasps of breath is never attractive.

But I’m at expert at holding my cough in, I’ll tell you that right now. I also perfected “The Silent Sneeze”. PS. I can’t understand those sneezes that are like majestic soundscapes that sound like action SFX from 300.

Ah....AH.....AAAAAAAAAAAAH-CHOO!!!!!*train noises*!!!!*dog barking*!!!!*flaming forests*!!!!!!!*Metallica concert*!!!!

So back to my story. So there I was. Trying to hold my cough in. And as I was doing so I began to well up with tears for reason. Coughing. Choking. Close to crying. Three Cs you don’t want to be doing at the dinner table.

And then I realized I wasn’t cool anymore. The girl left shortly after my ordeal. And I looked like a wreck, wiping the tears from my eyes and pitifully chewing my food. That and my friends wondering what the hell happened as I shook my head from side to side to try and say “I’m fine.”

MORAL OF THE STORY: Acting cool when you naturally aren’t will backfire on you. But if you’re in the Fredericton area, give Midsea Restaurant a visit. You’ll be in for a treat.

An nyoung.


3 thoughts on “There was a pretty girl in front of me, and then I choked on my food [or how I should never try and ‘act cool’ in front of girls]

  1. haha! Nice story. Hahaha. It happens to girls too. Meal hall 101, milk coming from your nose MOST certainly not attractive. Hahaha, but it gives you awesome funny stories to tell to later potential partners who might find your weird ways and jokes attractive.

    Looking forward to more blog stories.

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