the world’s most difficult triangle [or what i want in a woman]

In my everyday stumbling upon pictures of all sorts (displayed over here), I came across this very compelling triangle.

Immediately, I thought that I could only pick 2 out of the 3 features I’m looking for in the opposite sex.

Here’s the thing, I showed this triangle to two of my female friends and they automatically picked 2 out of the 3 features that they thought fit them.

Are we just ‘wired’ different? But what would you pick as features for the opposite sex? Here’s the combination that I pick:

Intelligent and good looking: I think I’m gonna pass on having to explain my pick because I’m opening myself to a lot of flak for my reasons. AND just in case you’re giving me flak for picking good looking; it’s natural for all human beings to want attractive shiny things. There.

But this – I feel – is a combination that a lot of guys want to have. You know. The kind of girl you bring home for dinner and Dad pats you on the back and says “Good job” and Mom laughs at all her jokes (for SOME reason this is a big deal for me).

Tina Fey: this way for sure I'll know my Mom will be laughing.

And at the end of the day I think I can put up with emotional instability for 50 years. Wait what? 50 years? Yes we’re looking at features for the long term here. At the altar I’ll be saying “I LOVE YOU LONG TERM!” And tweeting about it too just 10 seconds after the kiss.

And come to think of it emotional instability isn’t strictly black and white. There should be plenty of gray areas where my partner can roam in.

But what defines the looking of good anyway. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say! ps. Is there like some sort of modern web-generation translation of that old saying because I feel that a lot of kids will be saying “Beholder? Is that Chinese or sumfin?”.

Good thing I’m making a record of my choice now because I’d probably change my mind even a year from now. A lot of people don’t know what they look for in a person and if you already know what you want then I salute you. In fact I have a friend who has a extremely lengthy checklist of features that make up his ‘ideal woman’. I’ve seen some of it. There’s the regular fare like hot, smart, and must be 3rd-4th cousins with Jennifer Anniston. You know, the usual stuff. And then there’s really picky ones like “Must not mind me playing Xbox” or something like that.

I seriously don’t know what I want. Not crazy is one of them, I’m quite sure. But what defines crazy?

Non-sequitur time.

Interviewer: R. Kelly, how do you respond to the allegations that you were having a romantic affair with a teenager?
R. Kelly: Define teenager.

Lastly, holding up the mirror to myself, let me pick what I think are two features that I think that apply to me.  None. My awful ‘Mustache Phase’ of 2006 rules me out for the good looking prize. Moving out of engineering [2007] eliminates my chances at intelligence. And lastly my emotional stability is like the Grammys; questionable.

I think I’ll run a poll with my guy friends and girl friends and see what results I get with this triangle. But seriously this damn triangle should have more options.

An nyoung.


3 thoughts on “the world’s most difficult triangle [or what i want in a woman]

  1. Hmmm, my two cents.

    I’m gonna pick first of all is emotionally stable and secondly intelligent. I’m not gonna put a wall of text here about why… But I think a girl who needs to bitch and whine about how some guy is not gonna be there for her or does not hold up to her ideals and would not give anyone else the time of day and after some ego stroking will fall right back into that guys arms is such a huge turn off for me that no matter how attractive she is, I wouldn’t be able to stand the person to be with.

    Second, I don’t know if intelligent is the right word but I would like to know a girl who is able to venture outside of her interests or is open and well versed enough that there would be no areas of conversation that is outside of her reach. I just think that with our generation of being able to keep in touch every minute of the day it would be nice to be able to say something without being judged or feel like I have to struggle to find something that is in interest to her only.

  2. Honest this Triangle is too limited. As a girl, if I were to picked two features that I am, I couldn`t pick out of these three. My beauty is plain, I am me and I deal with how God made me, my intelligence is a bit out of the running because I change my mind every five seconds or so, Jack of all trades master of none, and my emotional stablity I have to admit is as questionable as a politicians word.

    I think we could spend all our time thinking what kind of person we would like to be with, but in the end things hardly ever turn out the way we expect. I`ve submitted to taking one day at a time…

    This article however did make me laugh. =) So it is most certainly worth the read.

    • This is a super simplified image of what most guys would say they want from girls. Most likely if you asked anyone what they want it would have been a laundry list of words but then it wouldn’t have the punch of a simple triangle with the pick two and guys saying “You’re right, there usually aren’t those three things together in one girl”. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but that’s what makes it resonate.

      Anyways, when I woke up and read this again I’m reminded of the scene from “Up in the Air” where Anna Kendrik’s character is spouting off a long list of what her plans are in life and who she wants to meet and all Vera Farmiga’s character had to say to all that was she just wanted someone who liked kids and had a good smile.

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