There’s an app for that [phrase of the year, 2009]

I’m sitting here right now on a cloudy afternoon in the library while listening to some well done luvstep (example 1, example 2). I had a possibly illegal amount of Korean food this afternoon at Fredericton’s only Korean place.

Anyway, onto the topic of the blog! The previous winner of the Phrase of The Year award is ‘that’s what she said’ [winner from 2006-2008] and while that phrase can tick off a few people with the sexual reference, the 2009 winner will certainly make all your friends laugh, geek friends applaud you, and chicks add you on Facebook, because it isn’t offensive at all!

Where it comes from:

All those iPhone/iPod Touch ads that you see on television or see on Youtube.

How to make use of the phrase:
Step 1:
Friend presents problem
Step 2:
Say the phrase

Example #1
Friend: I’m not sure what to cook for dinner.
You: There’s an app for that.

Example #2
Friend: I think I need a flashlight in this cave.
You: There’s an app for that.

[actually even a ‘that’s would she said’ would work here]

Example #3
Friend: Man my tire is flat!
You: There’s an app for that.

And in reality there are apps for mainstream problem-solving and solving your obscure weird why-do-you-even-need-that kind of problems. See the following:

  • Menstrual cycle calendar (men/women can use this to their advantage).
  • An app that tells you a specific low-key scene in a movie at the theater so that you can go take a quick toilet break. Cleverly called RunPee.
  • Sushi encyclopaedia. Enough said.
  • Wirelessly switch off your lights at home.

App parody via YouTube:

So now you know how to spice up any plain ol’ conversation, by just a bit.

And I’m sure you’ve noticed that this is my 2nd post about Apple… but I’M NOT AN APPLE FANBOI! *yet*


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