Random brain blurb #1

I don’t usually play video games but I really hate it when you don’t succeed in finishing a level and a huge window pops up saying “YOU HAVE FAILED, Try again?”

Anything similar to those words are equally irritating. Like the game is somehow taunting me. Laughing at me secretly (cause we all know they can). And your blood gets boiling and you fall into a spiral of desperation to finish the level.

But i guess that could go for anything. Like a round of blackjack that you didn’t win. Or like a math question you’ve been working at for hours that’s gone unsolved (I haven’t touched math in 2 years. But my marketing minor will need stats so I do have an impending doom scheduled to visit sometime in my life).

Damn it, Dotopop why can’t I just beat level 66 already!!!???


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