I bought it [ipod touch]

Worth the three-digit price! Really!

Hehehehe. I recently bought myself an 8GB iPod Touch at Wal-Mart (before wrestling with the thought of conforming to the ways of Apple). However I can tell you that I’m really happy with the purchase and the new tech-toy. I haven’t been this happy in ages!!! OK that isn’t true; I’m happy everytime I go to Bulgogi (Korean restaurant downtown), or whenever Lost answers something.

OK so the pundits may have their qualms (read: never-ending whining) with the product such as NO FLASH SUPPORT, MULTITASKING, NO CAMERA etc, but you have to hand the techno-blue ribbon to Apple for creating the futuristic quality product that the people of today wanted/needed to see.

Now this product won’t solve all your problems, but it can do two (2) of the outlined:

  • your road trip to Montreal (cough cough) or gym cardio routine can be filled with music,
  • if your prof gets boring, you know what to do.

This thing is really useful and somehow I feel less compelled to check Facebook/Gmail every 10 minutes for updates since I’ll get the update on my iPod instead.

If there is one thing I worry about with the acquisition of this iPod however, is that I’ll slowly be turning into one of those ‘douchebags that use iPod Touches’. Some crimes I have committed already include:

  1. using it in the presence of friends who want to have a decent conversation with you (committed this several times).
  2. whipping it out in front of an audience just so that you can use the calculator function (committed this once, sad I know!).
  3. sending emails from your iTouch that are signed with a “Sent from my iPod Touch” (done this once, accidentally).
  4. telling other iPod usersto ‘GET THIS APP!’.
  5. playing Checkers via Bluetooth with Matt for 20 minutes (although he did have a tangible checkers board that we could’ve played on).

I also felt like a total douchebag when I was using my iPod in the uni cafeteria and then had to answer my phone. Doesn’t that just scream some sort of level of technology addiction that must be addressed? Possibly!

So long story short is that I’m enjoying the product and many of the features.


I rate this product 5 stars, 3 smiley faces and two thumbs up (there’s a conversion chart somewhere). And I’m probably going to hand it to my siblings when they get here.


One thought on “I bought it [ipod touch]

  1. LoL, three words. You lucky bast*rd. 😛 I can totally imagine how your friends might feel! 😛

    friend: hey guess what! something happened to me last night! i was abducted by aliens-!
    joshua: *tap tap* huh what? oh go on.
    friend: yeah, and they brought me to this place full of ipod gadgets and-!
    joshua: oh that’s nice. *tap tap*

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