2010: So Far [pre-Valentine’s thoughts, and Up In The Air]

37 days into the year of the twenty ten and things are going rather well. Valentine’s day is coming up and the club I DJ at has a ‘Valentine’s Day Sucks’ party to commemorate the day. And get this, there are 10 prizes for “a romantic dinner for one”. Funny. Hopefully I get to DJ it and pull out “Kelis – Caught Out There” of the hat. Classic anti-lover’s day jam.

What is love anyway?

Haddaway. Neverwentaway.

Is it just that song by Haddaway? Or butterflies in the tummy (which would be gross if it were for real)?

I was talking to another DJ friend of mine quite recently. We both have similar activities; DJing, promoting our shows, getting approvals for our shows, doing the advertising, bugging our friends to support our events, etc. And he mentioned that he wanted to take a break from doing everything himself so that he could find himself a girlfriend.

Of course I was thinking the same thing.

I don’t have time at all! Juggling school, DJing and working at the club and that dinner theater show that I’m in, are really time-consuming. Throwing romance into that mix is far from a good idea. But then I got to thinking about what one of my friends (can’t remember who, sorry) said a while ago… Help me out on this one.

You never go searching for love. You wait for it to fall down in front of you.

If any of you can give any sort of confirmation on that statement, consider my application to eHarmony.com retracted. Then again all those dating website commercials are pure construction, edited left right and center to instill the feelings of helplessness within the single viewer, trying to get them to subscribe to their modern match-making methods.

Come to think of it. I WILL CARRY ON A SINGLE, and UNBURDENED MAN. Haha.

You all of course have seen Kim Jong-Il’s unfortunate eHarmony testimonial.

Asians are so funny.

I got the chance to watch ‘Up In The Air’ over the winter break by myself unfortunately, cause no one wanted to watch it with me. That and everyone was somewhere else.

This film is certainly one of my favorites of 2009. Not sure if it’s the film itself and what it had to say or if it’s the circumstances that I saw it in. If I am going to convince anyone to watch this film, I have prepared the following bulletlist:

  • Really good on-screen chemistry between George Clooney and Anna Kendrick. The same can be said about Vera Farmiga’s low-key and flirtatious persona, which some guys will probably enjoy.
  • Aside from that, there’s plenty of scenery to see.
  • Anna Kendrick (up-and-comer)
  • Dialog-focused.
  • I’m not a very good movie-reviewer even if condensed to bulletpoints… so I’m gonna end it.

I think the quote from the following scene – smack right middle in the film – is my favorite from this film.

Certainly sounds like it’s becoming more and more true every week, little by little.


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