Websites I Like #01: Chairwhore

So I’m gonna’ start a new series of blog posts called “Websites I Like”, whose premise is already in the title. As a user of Google Reader, RSS is important in the Reader experience because the content on the content is centralized into one place, and can be easily customized the user’s liking. Anyway aside from this technical blahblah this is a segment about the sites I follow! GO!

#01: Chairwhore


OK so the title may be a little NSFW but the content is extremely G-rated. It’s basically a website with pictures of chairs. Yeah. Pictures. Of Chairs. If you thought you’ve seen it all, then look again.

These are the kind of chairs that you probably would never get at your regular Wal-Mart establishment or respected chair store. There’s ALL KINDS OF CHAIRS, really.

There are the regular ones that we’re all most familiar with.

There are the futuristic, sexy, drool-enducing ones.

I feel so Star Trek already.

Ooohhh... aaahhhh...

There are the abstract ones.

These KINDA look like something sweet, chewy and edible that was shot up close.

I think for this origami-inspired piece you have to rotate it several times before finding a perfect fit... It should come with a "This side up" sticker.

There’s the ones made for farmers, possibly made by ex-farmers (in New York).

It's like you're sitting in the woods, get it?

No comment. Just. No.

And of course there are the ugly ones.

This is an unlikely chair for DJs to sit on.

This is an unlikely chair for DJs to sit on.

The "tropical Skittles bag and clown had a child" chair.

Hair Chair. Har! This one is probably a candidate for Worst in Design 2009.

One thing is for sure and that they’re all presented in a very professional tone, similar to models with the great lighting and makeup. These chairs look good in the light and makes you want to own them. But realistically who are going to own these chairs? Do they look good in a real environment?

Similarly, look at fashion models and fashion runway models, their clothes look awesome in the studio, or where-ever they’re shooting, but put them in the real-world and everyone will be calling them a Lady-Gaga wannabe asking for tomatoes to be thrown at them.

After browsing their catalog, a lot of these chairs are presented in a highly appealing manner, bordering on being sexually appealing.

Looks like even non-animated things like chairs are subject to the pressures of being anorexic thin in order to be acceptable.

So give Chairwhore a visit and gawk over chairs that probably will never enter your living room, or leave concept stage, for that matter.


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