A Major Balancing Act

2010 is proving itself to be a bit of a balancing act for me.

Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I have become engrossed in doing a variety of things. School. DJing. Designing. Not having a girlfriend. You know. The usual.

I exited my Fundamentals to Marketing class just about 20 minutes ago and I’m sitting here in the prestigious (debatable) Harriet Irving Library where the ground floor has a high ceiling and some rather pleasing modern interior design, opposed to some of the other buildings (not naming any names here, *cough Head Hall* )… which are creepy at night.

Things I’m juggling while doing my balancing act:

  1. Five (5) courses at school and keeping up with them;
  2. DJing occasionally at the Social Club;
  3. Practing DJing and publishing mixes;
  4. Figuring out where my money goes, or went on some days;
  5. Updating my Tumblr and Twitter accounts;
  6. Keeping up to date with news on film/graphic design/electronic music through the great and awesome Google Reader;
  7. Cooking at least three times a week;
  8. Keeping up with excellent TV shows such as Lost, Dexter, The Office, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock and Supernatural; I rarely remember to catch these shows when they air so I subject myself to marathons, which are a pretty bad idea;
  9. Planning events (Deep Sunday parties, get-togethers, Bulgogi runs, and what have you); in fact after writing this I’m scheduled to meet with Taaryn and Fran to plan their birthday party;
  10. Coming up with ideas to shoot short comedy skits for fun;
  11. That book I’m thinking of producing and perhaps getting it published.

Now isn’t that a lot of things to do?

One thing that certainly has changed for the better is that I’ve began waking up before 8 o’ clock and having a good breakfast. Unlike chocolate, which to some is the breakfast of champions.


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