what have i been up to?

Outside, it is cold enough to kill a few unclothed humans… But fortunately I am within the confines of the Harriet Irving Library at UNB, which is occasionally warm.

GOOD. GRIEF. 2010. It was only 3 and so years ago that I first stepped onto Canadian soil and got everyone shook about my age. I was newly 17 at the time, unfortunately sporting a terrifying ‘stache and people estimated me to be 26. And I remember clearly on New Year’s Eve 2006, my cousin showed me how to carry out this manly activity called shaving. Epic indeed, because Jesse had a good laugh out of it later.

Such a difference now is compared to 3 and so years ago.

  • Back then I had a girlfriend. Now I don’t. I’m as free as a bird although I believe I’m married to my ambitions.
  • I was in Engineering for a year at the start. And now I’m in Multimedia, taking a marketing course, and a variety of film courses.
  • I was living with relatives back then. Now I’m on my own in an apartment residence (where it is, honestly, quite awesome).
  • I had this really awesome friendship with a friend back then (let’s call them a superfriend), but now that superfriend is less than acquaintance. TRAGIC! And this is where I figured out that people come and people go, unfortunately.

Cataloging and describing all my memorable experiences from the time I left for Canada would probably be boring (kinda like how people catalog what they drank the previous night at their best friend’s wedding party which they had to drink through cause it was awkward central, which I’ll admit to doing from time to time), so let me just point form it out…

  • DJed my first Last Class Bash [2008]
  • DJed my first Halloween event, dressed up as an emo kid [2007]
  • Directed a pretty special film [2009]
  • Started designing posters [2007]
  • Worked with Ford Motoring Company [2009]
  • Involved with the rebranding of Symphony Music School [2009]

Honestly there’s just way too many keypoints from the last 3 and so years, which probably highlights the fact that I should’ve had a steady blogging routine… But agh!


Anyway 2010 will be exciting, but I cautiously say so… because I have my head wrapped around too many projects.

  • Deep Sunday 4 & 5 (yes I already have Deep Sunday 5 already kinda’ planned out).
  • Writing scripts and actually getting around to filming them… more about that later this week.
  • I’ve got this idea for a photobook and am looking to have it printed professionally before summer rolls around.
  • March Break with my cousins in Toronto [hopefully if my finances hold up]

Aside from that. My family is moving to Canada as well.

Phew that’s a lot of talk for a couple of minutes of thinking. But I think this was a proper way to re-launch this blog.


2 thoughts on “what have i been up to?

  1. “I believe Iā€™m married to my ambitions.”

    and you wonder why you still don’t have a girlfriend šŸ˜› you probably never will!!!!

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