yes, you can be amazed AND depressed at the same time.

Because of the following kid:


This kid right here, whose age is less than the total number of fingers I have… has written an iPhone application. It doesn’t help that headline from this site reads:

“Nine Year Old Kid writes the iPhone Application”

What does that mean??? THE iPhone Application???

“Nine Year Old Kid writes the iPhone Application”

operating word here is: the

What does this mean? He’s written an iPhone App that has the cure for cancer? Hmm…

Judging from the supplied picture it doesn’t look like the iPhone Application everyone must have by the time summer rolls around; I mean, look at those janky shapes and terrible color schemes *I’m secretly trying to one-up myself, but I’m also crying on the inside*. But I’m sure by the time he’s like… 9 and a half (okay, fine, ten), he would’ve written an iPhone application that can manage the lighting system in the house and remotely operate and maneouver his Dad’s vehicle (btw, this has already been done by a team of programmers).

Let me see, what was I doing when I was nine?

Possibly the following action:



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