I only got 4 minutes to write a post.

So I got four minutes to write a post. Cue Madonna. Justin Timberlake. What exactly are they singing about. 4 minutes to save the world? ‘Not Exactly’ by Deadmau5 playing on my computer. I have 20 minutes actually to reach my 9am design class. It’s our last day so Ms. Beckley has this tradition of sharing donuts with us. I have to shower soon. Because I was up all night finishing projects for 3 classes, and studying for an exam this Saturday at 9am. Seriously 9am exams on Saturdays should be a-bolished. And another thing I have to talk about… this damn crazy week! I have 3 projects due this Friday…

i) 2000 word essay on impact of media on culture (20% done);
ii) final project for Computers/Music class (70% done);
iii) portfolio for design course (50% done);

and then my exam on Saturday morning… which has 3 essays in it and 50 MCQ.

this week is pretty brutal. ok time to shower cheers.