i can’t bother to wax poetic or do a narrative for this post so i’m just going to do point form.

  1. Started my part time job at the Corner Post last month. What do I do? I handle mail.
    Co-workers: Earl & Heather (she’s almost crazy).
  2. Snowed several inches last Saturday. I was NOT happy about it. I had to walk this afternoon in clunky boots.
  3. Found a substitute for Mi-Goreng. I am VERY happy about it.
  4. Started wearing my black fedora outside 2 years after I bought it in Toronto. Pictures sometime.
  5. I sent 1495 text messages last month. Due to certain complications that number will fall dramatically this month. WHY, JEIKY?!!?! Lol.
  6. Somehow re-connecting with an ex the fourth time is pretty cool. I’m still single and ready to mingle (sort of).
  7. My friend Marian looks like a cat!!
  8. I have 35,000 Aeroplan miles which I can either use to redeem flights or merchandise. Possibly a flight to Miami in March for WMC?
  9. One of my aunts was recently re-admitted into the hospital. I am currently depressed about it.
  10. Christmas is coming. I’m beginning to hate this season. I miss ma fam, dawg. I am currently depressed about it.
  11. Sometimes I think Xiaxue is funny. Sometimes I want to hug her. Then punch her in the hair. She is pretty hot, I’ll admit. But way out of my league. And control.
  12. There is a plentiful supply of coffee in my apartment, because Eric‘s sister has some sort of ‘unlimited access’ to coffee grounds from working with a coffee store.
  13. Lost Season 5 starts in January. My Facebook profile says that “i jump up and down everytime this show goes for commercial”. I jumped up and down when I saw the trailer.
  14. Sometimes when I go through my music and I hear something fantastic, I tend to move in my seat and bob my head uncontrollably.
  15. When I play for a crowd and there’s plenty of energy, I leave the booth to dance with the crowd for half a minute or so.
  16. I hope to get called to play at Last Class Bash at UNBSJ next week! *crosses fingers*crosses fingers*
  17. Upon telling my sick aunt at the hospital that I wanted to get married soon, she said “That’s good.” She’s so badass.
  18. I’ve been trying to convince my friend Melisa to get a phone; and somehow I got myself into saying I’d be buying her a mouse for Christmas. Computer mouse lol.
  19. I’ve been sort of browsing eBay for a new Nokia.

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