“maybe she’ll send you her lace hanky with a spritz of her perfume”

HAHA. Nikki you’re too funny, much too funny…

But after talking to you I realized one thing: I don’t blog personal. Ok so if you look at the last post with me talking about missing my Mom and Dad… that’s all you’re getting out of me.

The reason I don’t blog personal is because I don’t talk personal either. Sure I like feelings. Sure I’ll cry at a friend’s funeral. But I like/want YOUR feelings. I don’t want to share mine with you. Feelings. Hate that word. Ok maybe ‘hate’ is abrasive. Feelings. Come to think of it I do share my feelings with you. But just ‘tip-of-the-iceberg’ feelings. I realize that this may offend people I’ve met, am meeting now, and am going to meet.

Sor. E.

Joshua’s Mid-October Update

  1. I sent over 1000 texts (because I have unlimited texting) and one letter in the last month.
  2. I met 4 Filipinos in Fredericton. Jei, Melisa, Jerome, And Earl. And yet again I am the youngest among them.
  3. WTH it’s already October.
  4. I recently went swimming with Fadia and I’m completely out of shape. I didn’t gain a tubby belly. But I did lose stamina. So I propose a 3-times-a-week swimming routine. Now I have to invest in proper swimming shorts, which means spending, from my shallow pocket.
  5. There are over 35,000+ airmiles in my Aeroplan account. With that I can fly from HongKong to Singapore. Return. Worth it? Well I’ll blog about it in a few days.
  6. I brought back Milo with me to Canada, fyi.
  7. Elections in the US are coming up. And who do I care about? Obama.
  8. Number of years I’ve spent in Canada: 2 and a near half.
    Number of years till I move to HongKong/New York/Singapore/England/Philippines/Miami for further education/marriage: 5-7.

    This is a big personal joke though. But people say that even if you joke, you mean it. I really mean this. As a joke.

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