giving thanks…

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. Turkeys will be on tables. Families will be together (whether they like it or not). People celebrating this holiday will be satisfied…

…but I’m not. My family isn’t here! Or… I’m not there with my family! I miss them.

Over the weekend I realized one thing:

I’m close to being fed up of cooking.

It doesn’t feel as awesome as it used to. My relationship with cooking has become sour.

Cooking for myself doesn’t feel satisfying. But if I cook for a group of people (like 2 weeks ago at Odin’s party), or for a family (3 weeks ago for Jesse and Katherine – yes they’re a family now that they’re married), then it feels alright…

…which brings me to the conclusion that I should get married soon.

Sorry Ma and Pa. You’re gonna’ have to let go of me 10 years early. Haha. Kidding.

OK a cute girl just walked by in the library and I’m by the PCs smelling like used vegetable oil (I cooked earlier this evening)…


Corny university joke: If it’s not exactly a quiz… but not exactly a test at the same time… then it’s a quest.

Things that should be illegal in the public space of the library: public displays of affection. I’m sitting right next to a couple being all touchy-feel-me and I can barely keep a straight face because i can completely hear everything they’re saying to each other. Kerr-eepy.

Ideas for Halloween costumes for me:

OK hear this I’ve never been worn a costume for a Halloween party. Aside from Rafiki years ago in a Lion King play. Anyway for the Halloween gig I’m going to perform at on the 31st…

I was thinking of going as Gordon Freeman, from the Half-Life computer game series. Looks pretty good. Wouldn’t look too bad either when I’m DJing. But I have no idea how to construct this thing.

I would also like to go as Shaggy from Scooby Doo, but I don’t have the hair. Maybe I’ll get a wig. But now come to think of it this looks a little too simple.

This sockmonkey thing also is pretty awesome.

But if all fails I’ll just be a nin-ji-ya!!!

I can see it now in lights:

DJ Joshi*Toshi: The Pinoy Ninja.

Have a good week.


2 thoughts on “giving thanks…

  1. loll get married! awww haha… Joshi, don miss ur family u have a new family here – u have us 🙂 n we love u ❤

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