this folder was getting digitally dusty

5 pictures I had lying around in my ‘Final Products’ folder in a time when I was camera crazy (04-05)…

Grand-daughter to Grand-mother

A personal classic of my grandmother and my cute cousin. Snapped in the summer of ’03 in Australia, when I was there for holiday.


My friend Laurice. Doing an interpretive dance. I believe this was in ’05.

While You Were Away

Another personal classic for me… My neighbour’s dog staring sadly into the distance, like a lover waiting for someone to come home. Ok enough emo.

The Chrispy Johns @ Amir’s

Ah I miss these boys. We were in a band… And we named ourselves Chrispy Johns. John D (with the snake round his neck) was the bassist. Chris on the right was the essential drummer. And me, in chest-baring unglory (in this pic) was on vocal/keyboard duties. This was taken with a timer and we were hanging out at Amir’s place in the final weeks of ’05.


If you look hard there’s a girl smiling straight at you. A friend I knew back then and still do… (a lot less than I’d like to though haha)…

I hope to revive my camera craziness. But I want to get a fresh camera…


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