Laugh, and your life will be extended. (includes Math Poem prelude)

So I get this text one evening from Madam Jeiky and it’s horrifying. Here goes.

Math tells us 3 of the saddest love stories.

Tangent lines, who had one chance to meet and then parted forever;

Parallel lines, who are never meant to meet; and

Asymptotes, who can get closer but will never be together.

Good. Gourd.

Anyway. Some pictures.

This can store 2 pictures and a song and a half!

Geek dice.

Canadian house music star: Deadmau5.

Emma Stone. Pretty.

Kit Kat ad. If you look very closely the word on the bar says ‘Acceptance’.

Mario Kart cake.

I guess that’s all.

BTW I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED MY LAST POST. I know I can easily get it back… but I’m feeling a little lazy.


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