Insinuation, one of the (unfortunate) services I offer

I insinuate.

Ok dictionary time.

Insinuate. No it’s not a sinus offshoot. It is – according to WordWeb – an indirect (and usually malicious) implication. It’s similar to a negative assumption.

3 of the probably thousands of times I’ve offended various people through my insinuation:

Insinuation Incident #1

This happened just a couple of nights ago. Desiree met up with me and we did some brainstorming over some drawings that I wanted her to do. Mind you; she’s had plenty of years of drawing experience, while I on the other hand have had only 3 weeks of art lessons (which don’t count as experience).

Before she started sketching I happened to give her a light pencil. So after a while she wanted to make the edges of her drawing thicker. So she needed a heavier pencil. And in my everyday problem of being stricken with insinuate-itis I assumed that she didn’t know she needed a thicker pencil and I said “You’re gonna’ need a thicker pencil.”

So she replies with “Josh, I’ve had years of drawing experience. I know I need a thicker pencil.”

Sorry Desiree.

Insinuation Incident #2

I told my mentor (who is a successful businessman) that he needed to reload the page to update his Mob War status on Facebook.

Sorry Matt.

Insinutation Incident #3

Me: Hello

Amilyn: Hi

Me: You busy? Or watching a show?

Amilyn: Why would you think I’m watching a show? Why not studying?

Sorry Amilyn.


One thought on “Insinuation, one of the (unfortunate) services I offer

  1. its good that u realize you do that. most people don’t or just don’t care! but its hilarious (“i have years of experience josh, i know…” ) ***** 5 stars

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