I have allergies to 3 things

The three things are:

  1. Shrimps and Prawns; surpripisingly I can have lobsters.
  2. Touch; never me unless I tell you to (which is never). This instruction is never followed and people use this allergy against me for their own entertainment. Like poking a monkey with a stick.
  3. Drawing; this is what this post is going to be about.

For my first class on Wednesday last week I entered a room filled with 14 other kids.

The course: MM*2001 (Media & Creative Communication)
Day/Time: Wednesdays @ 930am – 12pm

Anyway. Back to the 14 kids in the room. Blonde teacher (mid-40s I’m assuming) sitting in the middle. So I take a seat in a regular state of mental health as she hands out the course outline. So I read through sections of the Overview, Marking Structure, Participation and Topical Course Outline which all appear on the first page. I flipp through to get to the second page and I see the ‘Materials List’ section. There is a calm silence. My eyes widen. And the dromb is bopped.

What’s this?! 11″x14″ Sketchbook?! Drawing pencils of 2H, H, HB, 2B, 4B & 6B? An exacto knife? And a primary set of gouache paint? WHAT IS GOUACHE PAINT AND EXACTO?! Is an exacto knife an Italian knife used for art?!?

In 5 quick seconds I went from stable to barnyard on fire. Good. Grief. And there it dawned upon me that this was going to be an art class.

Let’s look at some quick facts:

Last time I took an art class: 8 years ago
One of the last things I drew in said art class: A close up of the human eye (complete with ‘scary looking’ red veins shaped like lightning arrowing towards the pupil)
Grade I got for ‘The Eye’: 55%. Maybe if I drew two eyes I would’ve gotten 110%.

On the first day of class, the teacher asked us to look somewhere in the room and asked us to draw what we saw (hey it rhymes. Am I also becoming a rapper?). Naturally I avoided looking at my classmates so that I wouldn’t have to draw them. I just drew the corner instead in all its blandness. In support of myself I believe that I did a good job (by my standards). If my work had to be graded, I’d give it a 55%. The class went on quite normally and I had already calmed down

For my assignment due this Wednesday I have to draw:

  1. 3 separate drawings of different objects on a table.
  2. a self-portrait (can’t be from a static picture, must be looking at a mirror and continuously drawing yourself – this is going to take a while).
  3. anything of any style (I think clouds and stars around a smiley face with a big nose can warrant for ‘anything of any style’).

I’ll blog about my progress in this class.

So now that that’s out of the way. I’m upset, because The inventor of crazy hair hats – Nagi Noda – has passed away.

She is pretty. Crazy. And she was only 35.

This is a recent picture of me. Huge fashion glasses and the popped collar? A drive-by insult waiting to happen. And somehow my upper arm is completely disproportioned to my forearm.  Almost Popeye-sy, before he induces all his greens and does his transformation thing.

I still have lots to blog about. School, life and hating The Ex.













…the movie.


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