First Night @ Residence

So I’m finally moved in into my new apartment on campus grounds. I’ll tell you all stories later, with some pictures.

So far everything is quite dandy. The apartment is very nice. And given it’s renting price I believe I would like to stay here again next year.

My room is a basic mess. I’ve got useless Engineering books from two years ago that I might try to sell on eBay or Kijiji to make some extra money. I’ve got several boxes of clothes that I’ve been wearing since 2005. Some of these clothes I don’t know if I’ll ever wear again (because they just have that ‘overused’ essence to it…so eBay or Kijiji will come in handy. Or I can donate them. Or something. And there’s more random stuff here. I have 5 vinyl records even.

My room has a lot of potential to become ‘cool’ and if I ever did become Harry Potter or Bill Gates’ son I would want my room to look like this:

Ok so there might not be any bed in the picture… but you get the point.

God bless.

Also… if you were keeping up with the ’08 Olympics in China, this might make you laugh.


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