I Should Have Married You (the HongKong-centered post, mind you)

So before I go to talking about why my new least favorite number is 200, I’ll talk about last week’s travel…

I left HongKong @ 12:15pm Tuesday afternoon.
I arrived in Vancouver @ 10am Tuesday morning.

That really messed with my head a lot and I couldn’t actually fathom how time-change works. My dad explained it to me once. That’s the only time I ever understood it.

On the plane to Toronto I was physically wrecked (with a hint of emotional distress). Sitting at the very front of economy class, I had quite a bit of legroom for me. Next to me was an elderly woman who was wondering if she could just put her bag on the floorspace in front of our seats instead of the overhead cabins.

Me: I think you can.
She: I’ll take your word for it.

Minutes before takeoff the nice airlady (stewardess for you political folk) said that she couldn’t put her bag on the floor in front because it could pose as a hazard.

So the lady gave me this look. A comical glare.

Me: I guess I was wrong.
She: (in a gleeful tone) I never met a man who admitted he was wrong. I should’ve married you.


I admitted I was wrong. But she was 70.

Also. Something EXTREMELY embarassing happened to me on the plane. It is so extremely embarassing that I had to apply bold, italic and underline formatting. I don’t even think a large donation of CDN $5000 to my PayPal account (send to: joshmuziks23@gmail.com) would loosen the chains or pick the lock to this secret ever being revealed. It was very funny, though. I would only tell this story to my wife. But if you’d like to guess, leave a comment and I’ll give you an answer.

So here are some of the pictures of HongKong I promised.

At the airport filling out the entry card. I had to fill this in twice because I fudged on the address part.

I grabbed pictures with these characters. I’m sure you can figure them out.

This is a new low for me.

Sidetrack: I just looked up all the names of all the Beijing 08 Olympic Mascots and their names are:

  1. Beibei,
  2. Jingjing,
  3. Nini,
  4. Huanhuan
  5. Yingying, and
  6. Laplap*
*not real

Sitting near Red, that rooftop bar I was talking about in the last post. The drinks were – as I already mentioned – very expensive and after finding out the price of both drinks I said to Jennifer:

“WHAT?! I should’ve known that earlier! Then I wouldn’t drink this blue thing so fast!”

She was having a Cosmopolitan. And I was having… something blue. I don’t know what it’s called. Blue Lagoon. Iced Aqua. Cyan Sister.

Yep that’s my kooky tradition. Ordering blue drinks. But I believe drinks are a considerable waste of money (especially when you don’t have any). So if you’re liking me, holler at me and bless me with a Long Island Iced Tea.

Bright lights like these get old, but you’ll never forget a trip to the top to see the HongKong skyline. So after having excellent Thai food and deciding what to do next, Jenn decided to show the neophyte tourist (me) a major attraction, instead of going to empty clubs on a Monday night that STILL play Umbrella.

This was taken at about 11pm on a Monday night. To get this kind of view, we went to this place, which i can’t remember anymore. I think it’s called ‘The Peak’ or something. You take a tram to the top of the peak (at a verrry steep angle) to get the nice view. And it’s a major tourist attraction so even on that Monday night, it was really busy. And that’s where that woman asked me what kind of woman I liked. I never really answered her cause I was just creeped out.

So the place where you could get the damn good view of the city is called Sky Terrace. Next time you go to central HongKong, visit this place. Ten out of ten.

This was at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. We (Jenn and me) were gonna’ go see the entire museum, but unfortunately after Haagen-Daz ice-cream the museum was nearing closing time (10:30pm onwards). It was a disappointment to miss the museum, but at least I got one picture with Bruce (my Chinese brother from a Chinese mother). Damn I miss chinese food.

In summary: Hong Kong = fun place. I’d go there again next year. I’m starting a “Money for HongKong” fund.

Figure 1: Neophyte tourist

Figure 2: Ocassional skipping tourist guide. Lives somewhere in one of those buildings behind her.

Figure 3: Tourist guide Jenn exhibiting monkeylike behaviour; checking for hair bugs.
Or she could be admiring it (the lice I mean).

Figure 4: Good friends foreverrrr!!!!! I’m 12.

So I finally got that HongKong post out of the way. Next to talk about meeting John D. in June.


4 thoughts on “I Should Have Married You (the HongKong-centered post, mind you)

  1. you shoud’ve married her.:)

    your words can point towards the peculiar flowing fact of human presence.:)
    your story possessed an idiosyncratic humor.:)

    both big enough to fill the universe:)

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