After Mamma Mia!, I Am Remarkably Still Straight (Main)

This Mamma Mia! film is my first movie musical in a long time. As of today, I’ve only ever seen two movie musicals. The other one being The Sound of Music. I haven’t seen Chicago, Grease, Hairspray, Rent, etc etc. After letting soon-to-be-roommate Eric know that I’ve never seen Grease, he expressed his surprise and quickly revealed his stereotyping of me as a “musical kind of person“.

Anyway, so last Saturday was Mamma Mia! time with Alyssa and Farzin. Me and Farzin were the only under-20 male crowd there. The other males in the cinema were most likely dragged by their wives, girlfriends and/or mothers.

Being “the musical kind of person” that I am and having knowledge of ABBA’s popular songs, I enjoyed this movie. I laughed A LOT (good laughs include Pierce Brosnan’s singing and random Greeks appearing out of nowhere and singing along), tapped my foot to the beat and at times sang along (very quietly though).

If you were brought up by parents who were fans of 80s disco and pop (which unfortunately experienced huge amounts of backlash that somebody led a rally to actually blow up thousands of disco records in the middle of a baseball field), then you’ll probably know some ABBA standards. Money, Money, Money. Take A Chance On Me. And…. yes…. you guess it – guilty pleasure number one for even death metal fans – Dancing Queen.

If you take the time to read the origins of Mamma Mia! anywhere on the Internet (or books, if you still know how to turn pages), you’ll learn that Mamma Mia! is based on this formula:

1 obviously promiscuous woman + 3 men + 1 confused daughter + Swedish disco/pop = Mamma Mia!

I don’t think you’d want to take your 8-year-old-and-above children to this show, because they might be asking piercing questions like “So who’s her father?” and “Why doesn’t she have a daddy?” and “How can she have 3 daddies?”. Try explaining that to your kids. This movie musical is great, but not exactly wholesome family entertainment.


Not a great review, I know.

Next movie to review: The Rocker.


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