After Mamma Mia!, I Am Remarkably Still Straight (Prelude)

Ok before I start I want to make it clear that I do have a post with pictures of my trip to HongKong. I swear. I do. It’s in my drafts. Almost done! It’ll be done by… let me put a target on this… this Friday. I promise!!! And also why I hate the number two-hundred.

So last Saturday, I went to the cinema-house with 4 other kids. Alyssa, Farzin, Jeremy and Sarmad. Jeremy and Sarmad went to catch The Dark Knight (which is remarkably still running in theatres; Titanic was in theatres for 9 months, mind you); while Alyssa, Farzin and I went to catch, of all movies to watch – Mamma Mia! Mind you I didn’t put ‘!’ at the end of that sentence to express my excitement for it. That’s just how it’s spelt.

I’ve to go for coffee right now with a friend leaving for Halifax and I’ve to cut this post short. I will finish this up later!


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