Hello, HongKong (Part 2)

Currently I’m sitting at an internet kiosk in Vancouver, Canada. And the time is 10:45am. I had just gotten off a plane that was in the air for about 11 hours. Cutting everything short… I left Hong Kong at 12:30, Tuesday afternoon; and here I am in Vancouver, at 10:45am on a Tuesday morning.

I love time travel.

Travelling in HongKong at night with old-never-really-said-hi-to-pal and new-bestie-for-travel Jennifer was awesome. Got to see all the posh shops (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, whatever those are) and do plenty of window shopping. 7 of the many highlights of my night in HongKong include:

  1. Having Haagen-Daz (or however you spell it) ice cream for the first time. Pretty good. But it melted so fast.
  2. Taking a picture with a wax-figure of Bruce Lee.
  3. Going up to the Peak and seeing the awesome view of HongKong at night.
  4. Getting to see – albeit from a distance – the building that Batman was on when he was in HongKong in The Dark Knight. And did you know Edison Chen was in the film for less than two seconds?
  5. Going to a rooftop bar called Red and continued my kooky tradition of ordering a blue drink. Gin, 7-Up, a slice of lemon, and blue food coloring. Haha. And Jenn had something too. In total both our drinks cost HK $150. Which is like… A LOT of Canadian dollars, and EVEN MORE Bruneian dollars. Didn’t bother converting though, since she was paying. I did pay for a couple of taxi fares. And the ice-cream. But it doesn’t amount to how much she spent. THANKS JENNIFER!
  6. Getting asked by a woman asking me what type of woman I like. Now don’t get this wrong but I was having a conversation with Jennifer about women and I was saying “She’s not my type”. And then this lady who probably heard our whole conversation (primarily cause I was talking pretty loud over the crowd noise) asked “Then what is your type of woman?”

    Ha! I don’t know! I’m only 19. But I think I tend to like SOW. Yes. I even termed them. SOW. Successful, Older, Women. Probably people modeled after my mum. OK this probably is weirding readers out.

  7. Best of all, I was hanging out with a friend, and not going around HongKong talking to myself.

HongKong is an expensive place, but fun filled. I think I would like to live there sometime. I mean it only costs HK $11,000,000 to buy a dinky-sized apartment on the central island. HA.

I’ll post up pictures later cause I’m using a kiosk which doesn’t have any USB plugs or any extras. I can’t even add another tab! And I’m paying $1.00 for 12 minutes. Sounds unreasonable.

The plane ride from HongKong to Vancouver was bruuutal. I couldn’t get much sleep. I tried reading my newly bought Mixmag. Didn’t work. I tried looking out the window and counting the number of times I saw the aeroplane light flash. I counted about 300 flashes and it didn’t work.

And what made situations worse was that the plane didn’t have any personal inflight entertainment. No personal screens. No personal music, movies or games to choose from. My audio jack didn’t seem to be working either. But I managed to actual watch and understand ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’. It was playing on the overhead screens. I wasn’t getting any audio. But I did some lip-reading but I only understood when one of the kids said “I didn’t do it.” The whole movie was pretty interesting even without the sound. I just dubbed my own dialogue over their moving mouths.

The food on the plane was not too bad, but not too good either.

Anyway I still have forty minutes to kill before boarding the plane to Toronto. The plane leaves at 12:15. And I get to Toronto at 7:45pm. MORE HOURS OF FLIGHT??? WITHOUT PERSONAL INFLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT??? (I checked).

Shouts out to Kevin Loh. He left for Germany a couple of days ago. He sent a mass email to his pals (including me, obviously) hoping he would see us see him off at the airport. Somehow that mass email didn’t get to any of us and so none of us were there.

I’m sorry, Kevin! But I hope you like Germany! Germany pretty girls there, I hear. (Really lame joke. Hope you all get it.)

Ah, back to Canada. I feel nothing but excitement to start the upcoming year. I really need to keep busy. I’m starting to feel dizzy. My body is still stuck on +8 GMT time, which is bad. I foresee a very disturbed sleeping pattern when I get back to Saint John. Luckily for me school starts on the 5th of September and I have plenty of time to… a-word. Adjust.

In upcoming posts:
Pictures of me in HongKong (with Jennifer and Bruce Lee).
The KK and Philippine trips I made (in June and July respectively, with pictures no doubt).
And the details of me moving away from Saint John and into Fredericton.

Catch you all later!


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