Hello, HongKong (Part 1)

I’m somewhat stuck in the airport because my contact is uncontactable. It should be an interesting trip. Pictures and funny stories… by 24 hours! Also, my upper left canine is throbbing. I had a Mars and a Coke and it really hurt to eat/drink.

Maybe I’ll go look for the Jollibee here. There is supposed to be one on this island.

I’m still a child.

So I bought myself a train ticket to the main island, HK $180, which is about… $40 BND. I only calculated that now, and I realized it’s SO EXPENSIVE! Ha. It’s ok. I have USD $xxx to back me up in case of emergency, thanks to my father, and also thanks to my working.

So far, everytime I’ve visited the Hong Kong airport I’ve felt like it’s been only 2 days between each visit. Time really feels like it’s running. I’m 19 now. Not as young as I would like to think. Have to start eating healthier food choices. Do more exercise. Plan out the future. Settle down within the next 10 years… or maybe after 10 years. Haha. I dunno.

Here are some reasons why I prefer Hong Kong International Airport over Toronto International Airport.

  1. Free internet at HKIA. You only get 30 minutes free at the Toronto airport before they start asking for your credit card details.
  2. Abundance of power slots. Literally ZERO at the Toronto airport.
  3. More comfortable chairs. The chairs in HKIA have cushions. The chairs at the Toronto airport are solid, cold, hard plastic. And after sleeping on solid, cold, hard plastic you tend to feel devastated.

Pics, stories, and blah within the next 24 hours. I’m off to see HongKong (and hopefully not a cardboard box at the end of the night).

God bless!


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