Here I am in KK, waiting for my visa to get processed. I will be getting it at 1:30pm and hanging out with John D from 3 till 10 probably. Maybe we’ll watch Kung Fu Panda…since *cough*this person*cough* already saw it! No hard feelings.

Anyway I think I’ve become what is universally known as a jerk.

Let me list 3 reasons:

  1. I talk toooooooooooo loud.
  2. I don’t inform people.
  3. I idealise things.

And I’ve watched the season finale for Lost. It’s crazy. Too crazy for me to keep up. Some may say that it’s too confusing, but I say, “Be patient.”

On the topic of patience;

patience is a virtue, but you might explode.

Other things I say are:

Sometimes people need to stand on their own two feet when bad things happen.
Sure they need support…
But when the tissue box runs out you gotta go to Walmart yourself.

But this is my personal favorite:

It was a dark and stormy night, and my rump was yearning to bust out of its denim prison.

The last one’s from Everybody Loves Raymond. Many people dislike that show, but whatever. Or, lalalalalala. I have a friend who seems to lalala her way out of situations. Very clever and very amusing tactic actually. So the next time something bugs you, like when they have no more icecream after you’ve been waiting in line for 15 minutes, or when the bus system sucks so bad that it takes you 2 hours to get somewhere, just say:


What brilliant nonsense.

I’m not an afternoon person.

3 Brilliant Things I Found This Morning:

Ok I am off to… get my Visa and have some McDonald’s lunch.


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