Ain’t A Bummer In My Summer

So far, I’ve been back in Brunei for more than a month now from Canada and her chilling cold. But I am missing her (Canada) at her best when she is warm and in her prime. I have yet to experience her most awesome season, the summer time.

I picked up a job quite quickly with a local tutoring center doing graphic design for their website (Sample coming soon).

Just a couple of days ago I got hooked up with a very nice lady to design a logo, menu and several posters for a restaurant under new management (it’s a place in Batu Bersurat). I really enjoy freelance work. I intend to run a little business when I head back to UNBF and design posters for student societies.

I haven’t found a place to do some light DJing. There’s this place I’ve heard playing minimal and tech house but a lot of kids I know *cough*this person primarily*cough* don’t like the place. I was there myself a couple of nights ago and it did look a little off-putting. Hookahs everywhere. I’d give the place a chance for their food, atmosphere and music. But I guess I don’t really like smoke. I heard they have DJs spinning there and I would like to have a go at it and see how I fare, just for fun.

I’ve been trying to get Monkey Owner (Nikki) to get me some simple gigs at the brilliant Empire Hotel, but she says “Promote yourself first”. I really should. I think I’ll have a page on this blog describing my musical… umm… abilities?

Actually I’ll put some words out now!

DJ Joshi*Toshi

Plays a wide variety of electronic music (hiphop, trance, funky house, deep house, downtempo funk), but enjoys everything with a melody.

Previously held weekly radio shows in UNB mixing electronic dance music. Playlist found here!

Performed for student organized parties. Biggest show played so far: 300-400 people.

Actually I was thinking the other day that I should adopt another name for my DJing. Joshi*Toshi sounds a little like salad. Or expiry. Maybe you readers can leave a comment and gimme’ some ideas.

I was talking to my cousin Reggie the other day and we were talking about the house music scene:

Reggie: Man, house music is big here in Toronto.
Me: I wish it were the same way here in SJ.
Reggie: Back there it’s still called techno.
Me: Yea. Techno and friggin’ “Sandstorm”.

Really. “Sandstorm” by Darude is one of the MOST overplayed techno tunes here in SJ. I feel that it’s almost like the poster-child for what electronica represents here in SJ; 138bpm, strings and a synth. If you haven’t heard of it, just YouTube it and you will be either appalled or amazed. Either way.

I have to exit to KK in Malaysia this Saturday and I will be visiting the person who I previously blogged about in utmost drama. The person’s identity will be revealed, although some of you already know. I just enjoy being dramatic.


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