May I?

So my last exam finished at 10pm Wednesday night on the 23rd. The next day I roadtripped to Fredericton with Graham and Becca by car to visit Matt and stay there till Saturday. Becca brought 3 weeks worth of clothing for about 2 days. She’s such a girl. I, on the other hand, brought a pullcart luggage bag filled with clothes and I didn’t even get to wear half of what I packed.

Thursday night we went to the Capital Bar to watch a band called ‘Hey Rosetta!’ live. I had never heard of them till then, but I was eager to attend a rock concert, cause the last one I went to with Jesse and Scott was fun, which was more than a year ago now.

We arrived at The Capital Bar two hours early cause we had no pre-sale tickets, but fortunately we did get tickets. And the ticketseller did some great miscalculation and we ended up with a bunch more change than we were supposed to have. Maybe I’m not supposed to say that…

The bar was pretty empty when we got there. Cause we were there pretty much 3 whole hours before the gig started.

We watched “John McKiel” open up with a 30-40 minute set around 11:30pm. They had an interesting sound. But now that I’m Hongkong writing this I forget what words to use to describe them.

“Hey Rosetta!” was certainly memorable, though. Watching them somehow re-ignited my interest in playing in a band. I should post up pictures of my old band…

So I left Saint John, Canada on Thursday night. And after numerous flights and time-zone crossings, I’m here in HongKong using free Wi-Fi, planning what to do Sunday morning, before my flight to Brunei at 3:30pm. Should I stay in and relax? Or should I get out into the city and do some exploring? The last time I was here in August 07 I wandered through the streets.

I had to sleep over at the Toronto Airport because my flight to Vancouver was at 10am the next day, and I didn’t have time (or money, for that matter) to look around for a hotel/motel.

Toronto Airport is a nice airport. But what really bugs me about that place is that… luggage carts AREN’T free ($2 per cart). And the Wi-Fi there ISN’T free either. AND there aren’t many power outlets! I guess there is much truth behind the fact there is no free lunch, power, and Wi-Fi.

The plane ride from Vancouver to HongKong was a blistering 13 hours. The worst part about the flight was that I forgot to put more songs into my mp3 player (I only had 38 with me), and that I didn’t bring my 3 novels with me! I was gonna’ read The Hobbit, some other fantasy novel, and The Notebook (yes, The Notebook).

Also…I forgot to pack socks onto my handcarry luggage… so… you know… my feet are kinda… smelling like a brash mix of bad salt and old squid. I have smelled worse socks – against my own will (thanks, Asmar) – it smelled like… oh wow. It remains indescribable up to this very day. But no worries… I already have my luggage out with me and I will change my socks. And I will have myself a shower inside the terminal tomorrow. They have very classy shower facilities, at very affordable prices!

I should be on my way to sleeping but I’m busy downloading the latest episode of Lost. It simply grips me! And it’s really busy and noisy here at HongKong International Airport so I doubt I’d be able to snag in sleep time.

Wow I really should change my socks.

Anyway in my short time I have compiled a small personal playlist for transcontinental travel.

  1. Alex Gopher – The Child
  2. Jakatta – It Will Be
  3. Telefon Tel Aviv – TTV
  4. Miguel Migs – So Far
  5. Kaskade – 4AM
  6. Orbital – Halcyon + On + On
  7. Ralph Myerz & Jack Herren Band – Here Is Love
  8. Billie Holiday – It Had To Be You
  9. Tahiti80 – Mr. Davies
  10. Stereophonics – Have A Nice Day

So I think I’ll be exploring a bit of HongKong tomorrow morning… and maybe buy some cheap shirts from the sidestalls. That’s all for now! I leave you with some pictures of Fredericton, Rock Band and my unpacked bags.


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