April Fooled Me

After ZERO blog posts in about 3-4 weeks. Here I am. Finals are now here. Out of four exams I am already done with three and my last exam ends on the 23rd of April. And one week one day after that I’ll be back in sunny Brunei. I will expecting to fall sick for a couple of days, and putting my hand in my home refrigerator to find that my hand can’t feel any cold at all. ANYWAY…

Here’s my latest poster-work!

My friend Selma consulted me to make this campaign poster for her. This was one of my favorite poster assignments. I learned a bunch of new techniques for ‘brushed metal’ effects. And I learned how to put faces of her in other places, with somewhat ‘stylistic’ appearances.

After Bowling With The Nurses, came Swimming With The Nurses. The Engineering Undergraduate Sociiety sure has some awesome ideas, if you know what I’m saying. I didn’t go to this event, for what reasons I can’t really remember. This poster incorporates a lot of tropical elements; waves, trees, sunshine and obviously the strong commanding orange.

For some reason I can’t find the PSD file for this! AH!


For the coming summer months I have some projects, which are as follows:

  • Learn more cooking.
  • Learn how to drive, legally (I already know how to drive from the uni to my house. Thanks Dana! And Brian! And Courtney! And Asmar!).
  • Get my mum to hook me up with a graphic design company for a bit.
  • Design t-shirts through Threadless.com with Amilyn and bunch of other folk (Fafa, Des, Ali)!
  • Play some gigs at this restaurant called ‘TT Blues’.
  • Learn a bunch of Photoshop techniques. I bought this Photoshop mag a while ago and I haven’t sat down and tried all the cool effects tutorials they have.
  • Save money to buy Adobe Photoshop CS2 Creative Suite ($149) in Canada.
  • Design the t-shirt for the Engineering Undergraduate Society. They’re paying me handsomely for it too… I HOPE! Haha.

Music News Snippets

  • My Eclectic Electric radio show with campus radio is coming to an end. My last show is on the 30th of April. I don’t know how I’ll be ending the series. Should be something special. Maybe I’ll…NOT TURN UP (Just kidding, Jud!). A yet-to-be-complete tracklist from previous episodes are up! And downloadable sets will be available soon (Episodes 1 through 11).
  • I DJed at Last Class Bash 08 for UNB. Had 3 sets. At the end of the night I was severely exhausted! I had a good time and many thanks to the people who helped me along the way (I thanked them through Facebook).That night was pretty wicked. Played upstairs from 10-11. Again at 12-1. And finally ending my night with a 1-1:45 set downstairs.  I personally had more fun during my 2nd set. Lots of audible/visible crowd-to-DJ-to-crowd interaction. Downstairs was a whole different story. I stepped in the main room with John case and the place was super packed, and dark, and there were so many faces. No doubt I had fun downstairs with the massive speaker set-up but it kinda over-exceeded my expectations in my way. Hmm… I wonder how Tiesto and all the arena-playing DJs feel when playing inside stadiums!Some tracks I played that night…
    1. Basement Jaxx – Red Alert
    2. Rihanna – Shut Up And Drive (Wideboys Remix)
    3. Paul Johnson – Get Get Down
    4. Alex Gaudino feat. Crystal Waters – Destination Unknown
    5. Marco Demark feat. Casey Barnes – Tiny Dancer (Moto Blanco Remix)

    If I had any personally bad moments it would have to be this: I was asked by one person to play some hiphop.
    I’m not knocking on hiphop or anything (I love it), but this is how I felt…

    Can’t people listen to some house!

    Some pictures from that night.

    Pretty ridiculous crowd downstairs. 300-400 people! Quite scary when I stepped in at 1am!
    With Hassan at the booth in the Main Room

    With Ali upstairs in the Lounge.

    Still DJing like a microwave DJ. Need to pick up MIDI controllers! But just cause I use a laptop doesn’t mean the quality of the mixes are dumbed down! I’ll post up some sample mixes sometime soon!


  • Excellent oldies running through my mind:
    1. Elton John – Tiny Dancer (how convenient that when I started getting into this song, the 2008 remix came along)
    2. Barry Manilow – Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed
    3. The Carpenters – Superstar
    4. Glenn Miller – Moonlight Serenade

I bought these shoes 2 months ago, and look at them. Pretty dope. I don’t say dope usually, but Becca says it too much.

So I guess that’s all I’ll say for now. My radio show is on tomorrow and I should be playing a bunch of highly fresh tracks that I’ve just purchased from Beatport.

And here is possibly the funniest CD cover:


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