Post-Performance Report @ McLeod House Formal

So I just performed at the McLeod house formal. Desiree’s knocked out and in bed. And Jared is possibly watching television. And I am just sitting here and listening to a string of cheesy ballads from The Carpenters.

So I’ll cut to the chase, let me analyze how I did.


Why such a mediocre score? Well…

Here is the definitive reason for such a score:

Not-that-great organization
I guess I messed up big time on the organization part, which in my opinion was just all over the place.

Worst Moments:

  • Loading up “The Way I Are”, then realizing I downloaded an unreleased Timbaland tune when I played it. Sucked big time!!

Favorite Moments:

  • Playing “Call On Me”, with the 2min+ buildup and the crowd forming a train.
  • Randomly mixing “Love Like This” with “Stronger”. Two tunes that brought almost everyone to the floor, and kept them there.
  • Playing arena-rock at the end (“Cleveland Rocks”, “Mr. Brightside”, etc).

But I think I’m just being too critical of myself perhaps.

I personally had fun though, especially during the house segment of my performance. Started out with the bumpin’ “Low” track, merging from 128bpm hip-hop to electro remixes of Rihanna and Timbaland, then moving to “One More Time” and even “Superfreak” and other classic tracks that got the house treatment. I just love house music. And I think the house segment had a consistent amount of people over a period of time.

Some things I learned:
People love singing song they know.
Never play “Makes Me Wonder” after “Milkshake”.

Just a little update on my DJing and performing life. Have a good weekend!


One thought on “Post-Performance Report @ McLeod House Formal

  1. =O! How did the crowd react when Timbaland was being played instead of “The Way I Are”??!

    Glad you have more favourite moments than the not so good ones… >.<;

    ~Lin Ji

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