Cloverfield made me dizzy

That’s what I’m saying.

Cloverfield – the film that I was so hyped about – made me dizzy.

Very, VERY dizzy.

I really thought I was going to be physically prepared for the shaky camera technique, but I guess I wasn’t. My eyes weren’t ready for the visual rollercoaster and I spent the 2nd half of the movie groaning mutedly with an uneasy stomach and disoriented head.

At one point in the film I just had to get up and tell Jesse, “I need air.

And after the film, I spent 20 minutes on the verge of vomiting. You know how you just know you’re going to vomit, but nothing seems to happen? And you stand hunched over looking like you’re looking for dropped coins on the floor? Well that happened to me. And since I was already out of the theatre I unmuted all my groaning.

I somewhat forced my mind to make me vomit just to get rid of the awful feeling. Unfortunately that didn’t work, and I don’t carry a vomit stick around.

And then Farzin reminds me that “a toothbrush will do fine.”

What cured my post-Cloverfield sickness was a good round of songs on Rock Band with some friends.

Anyway, back to Cloverfield.

I personally loved the film, even if I was a feeling queasy. Everything about it was very intriguing and the approach to capture events through only ONE perspective just gave me the “Wow, now why didn’t I think about that before?” feeling. And the idea of the sequel is equally as intriguing (don’t worry they’re not going to use Cloverfield as a formula for quick cash production).

Even if the movie was great,

Cloverfield made me dizzy.

EDIT: Many thanks to a Brian Walsh who was a very patient friend when he was driving my sorry behind around and making sure i was ok at uZone. And hello to Jake also, for coming up with the next awesome CS event, which in turn has provided me with a new poster job!


2 thoughts on “Cloverfield made me dizzy

  1. Hope they were not used this movie as a formula for quick cash production because it is so lame for them…Anyway I enjoy the film and I see this movie a bit like Godzilla…The special effect of the movie is great no doubt of it…Overall I can rate it 7/10…

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